Sunday, January 6, 2013

Had a great lesson today with Claudia, and good news Eric is back at the barn,   Yeahhh!!! We missed him soooo much.    The new year is starting off super duper now just waiting for spring so we can enjoy our new camper at Nine Mile Resort.
Just finished up with the families last Christmas and it went great!!!  It was so nice to see everybody, well almost everybody, we did have two families with the flu and couldn't show up but we had a glass of wine for them. lol.  I have been watching Madison really close cause she has been coughing and sniffling don't want it to turn in to pneumonia.   Now I am getting ready for my first lesson this year, horse show is right around the corner--kinda excited. We will be riding hunt seat, we will see how that goes.   It sounds terribly windy out there thank GOD for the indoor:-)