Thursday, October 24, 2013

Been without a computer for a while, but back in business now.   A lot of changes in my life all for the good.  Did some horseback riding this fall at Wild Rock in Clark County, beautiful place.  Met a lot of great people.  Definitely going back.  Winter is knocking at our door and I so hate to open it, but really don't have a choice.  Busy draining hoses,, putting stuff away, moving horses around trying to prepare the best I can for the long winter ahead.   I decided when I retire I am going to be a snowbird, move somewhere warm until Wisconsin decides to warm

I don't know if I talked about the horse that I picked up few months ago, I named him Cisco.  A beautiful smutty buckskin, 14.3 H with a golden attitude, unfortunately he got diagnosed with being neurological.  Meaning he is unsafe to ride because he really don't know where his feet are, it would only get worse, so I decided to put him down, making me .sad but also realizing it is the best for him. All I know is that an angel has one hell of a horse to ride.  Happy and sad day!!