Saturday, June 29, 2013

     No hay this weeekend.  That situation is not looking good for alot of animal owners, we are just happy we have enough in for our horses for the year already, just say alot of prayers so farmers can get crops off the field or there will be many hungry horses. 
     Worked around the farm cutting grass and weed eating---trying to spruce it up to call a realitor out---I still think Ken thinks I am not for real, but why not.   I really like it up north and you only live once and the kids are game.  Home is where your family is, Right.    We have to head up to the camper this weekend, we had to move it and the horses, now we have lots off work to do before the big holiday, to get everything ready for our week stay. Sounds like it is mainly us girls, Ken has to do an emergency bathroom makeover- I will save him a beer:-)  Happy Trails everybody and dont forget to pack your rain gear!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

     We are definitely getting use out of our camper at our home away from home, at Nine Mile Resort.  This weekend Madison had her birthday up there--8 kids from 9 to 12 years old, and we all had a super duper time.  All the kids got to ride the horses and that was amazing in itself, little girls who never rode and horses that never had so many little riders.  They all did amazing!!! Than Monday we got to ride as a family on our own horses, not the kids riding the parents' horses lol.  It was beautiful and none of us wanted to leave, if only we didnt have to work:(   But we will be back on Friday unless hay bales are callin our names.