Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I guess I do the best writing in the morning, quiet house, sleeping kids.  Well, we all survived fair weekend. Jada's horse, Belle did good at the fair for her first time, we took her everyday to prepare her for the sale of champions on Sunday than Friday night I had a dream to bring Barney and leave her home, so we did.   Call me weird but I listen when stuff like that happens if only other things could be so clear----like Mr Micah.    Micah he is a work in progress not to sure about him, I like him and what to continue liking him but some days it is really hard when he is a spaz.   He is a 5yr old Appendix I sent out to training and that was hard to do, I usually do it myself and let me tell you it is so hard to trust someone with your animal when u are on the other side of the scene.   My boy is an hour away I only see him once a week if I am lucky.  I think right now he is pissed off at me and that makes me sad.   Only time will tell if he is going to work out.   I know it will take longer than normal because he has been in situations before we can only assume with his behavior  or he is just a head case and I will have to move on.....what else does a person do,  how much money can one dish out?
     I also ran into a long time friend at the fair with his family----and I call him the lucky man that still had something to share  because 2years ago he was in an accident where his tractor ran him over and just about killed him.   No one thought he would ever pull through, but with Gods prayers he did, he looked amazing I could not believe it was him.  We hugged and bullshitted about horses cause I trained every horse he ever rode.  What a guy!! What a strong support system!!!!   That is what it is all about God, strong family, and true friends.  Sometimes life leads us all a stray, but the ones that find that correct path really have something to share.   They are the strong ones, the survivors!  So please don't take your life for granted and listen to the little things, because some times those are the things that really stop us in our tracks for a brief second and save us.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waiting for my coffee to brew is one of my best things to do in the morning---the smell is amazing, but drinking it is my favorite.   I recently tried the french vanilla folgers yummy yummy top it off with a little almond milk and good to go.

     This week has been a little busy its fair time, plus madison is sick on top of it.  They say its just allergies which is good at least its not west niles or the crouping cough.  I guess we can handle the allergies, she just is not thinking that spray up her nose is a good thing. LOL.  As for Jada had to run and get picture thats after we had a photo shoot with a hyped up horse and a soon to be teenager.....Fun Fun!   My sister and I survived and the pictures are awesome.  Now it is to the fair everyday after work today with cupcakes, tomorrow with Belle, the next day with Belle and ect...... Jada qualified for the sale of champions and the horses do not stay at the fair so we have to run them back and forth and Belle has never seen a ferris wheel, pigs, or chickens----this should be at least exciting.  HA HA.  God please be with us the next few days so I don't have to turn to mount royal light for comfort.LOL

Monday, August 20, 2012

     Mondays are my day off at work from running the mail, so I get a little free time which is super, sometimes I get stuff done while other days I might just watch a classic movie.  Well today I am counting our families blessing which has happened in the past and totally freaks me out.  Sometimes I wonder if my time is drawing nearer.
     We were headed up to the in laws just pull in the drive way and I am hearing a horn go off like it is stuck or the alarm or something---kept going on with life---thinking to myself weird.   Ten minutes later we heard someone pulled out on the highway and hit another car and at that point hair stands up on the back of your neck,because it easily could have been us.At that moment you give your kids the biggest hug ever and thank the Lord we were all still together and that I did have to go to the bathroom before we left home.  Things happen for a reason--right.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This time of year always makes me want to write so here I am again.  Life has changed alot since last year, we closed our barn last fall which opened alot of windows for the family.  The kids are growing up so fast and I don't ever want to look back at my life and realized that I missed it because I was to busy.   So decisions were made with no regrets and we have been going nonstop since.  Jada who is 11 is showing in pleasure shows on a 5year old QH mare, Belle, who you guys might remember from previous posts and they are doing awesome together.  Our youngest Madison, who is 8, is running barrels with her horse Barney and leading in her division for high point.  We are so proud of both of them as for Ken and I we are strong as ever and enjoying our time together with our kids and our less hectic schedule.
     This time around with the blog I will concentrate on life. Sometimes when you are laying in bed and thinking about something do you ever just want to write it down or discuss it??? I do. So it might get  a little random or crazy, but I am doing this for my mental health no one elses, but along the way it might inspire someone to do a good deed or think about your own lives and really look at it.  Maybe you might pick up the phone and call someone you haven't talked to in a while or tell someone you love them and really mean it.. So I guess I will see how this goes, talk to ya all soon.