Monday, December 24, 2012

  The Christmas church program was wonderful, all the kids did a super job and while Maddy and Jada were putting milk and cookies out for Santa, Ken and I snuck out on a trailride and it is 11pm and we just gotback.    It was  wonderful !  I rode Coco and Ken rode Mj, we must have seen at least 20 deer which was pretty cool---now I am warming put with a glass of spiced christmas wine.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Enjoy all the little ones opening up all their presents:-)
Pictures went really well, now I am listening to Jada play the piano--what a beautiful job she does.   I am so proud of her. Hopefully all goes well at church for the girls program, than mama is hoping to go for a Christmas eve trail ride.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We also have all of our donations for the humane society waiting for delivery, thanks to all who participated had a lot donated and glad out kids could be part of helping others over the HOLIDAYS.
                                                       MADISON AND COCO
                                                                  JADA AND BARNEY

                                                      KEN AND MJ           DEB AND REBEL

Nice day, getting ready for Santa, the kids are all excited to open presents.   My sister came down and we got pics to try to make a winter card since I didn't get them out for christmas.   Oh well better late than never!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What a wonderful way to start a weekend-- with a night ride!!!  Eric came over so Madison, Eric and I went on a ride, the stars were amazing and the fresh snow made everything so bright.  All the horses did great and it was really nice to see Eric it has been a while, I really miss having him around:-( Well this is the time of year to thank GOD for everything that we have and I try to do that faithfully everyday, because I am truely blessed.    Than this morning the girls and I were cleaning stalls all pretty and Belle wanted to go for a ride, well hell yeah  I'm game!!!!   So I saddled her up first time since her accident and off we went, it was amazing.   I didn't even lunge her and we went out back for a ride in the snow and had a blast, she is quite a horse and I love her so much.  Now headed to the in laws for christmas.   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

     I just had an awesome weekend with old and new friends in Sturgeon Bay and now I can't believe that I am picking shit in the mud in the middle of December and being able to ride horse in he outdoor arena----AWESOME!!!!!   I got to ride Rebel to night while Jada videoed us and my great husband put it online for me, sense I am computer DUMB. lol.   Than I got to ride Claudia the paint mare I will be showing this summer and she did fabulous, Jada might be showing her also pending on how Belle turns around:-(  Hopefully I will be able to start working her soon.  I am still waiting on whether I will be accepted on training a horse for the trainers challenge for Pipers Rescue Ranch, kinda excited about it but only time will tell.  Also waiting on the next snow storm to go sledding and ride in the snow--- an absolute high!!!   Above is Coco, Madison's horse, pulling uncle Chops on the tube, can't wait for next time!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

What an awesome night for a ride!!  Shantel came over and we took Rebel and Coco for a ride, we saw 5 falling stars.  Looking up into the beautiful sky really makes me thank our creator because he did an amazing job, everyone should not take that beauty for granted.   Hopefully we get some more snow so we can ride in the blanket of beauty cause God knows I hate to drive in it. lol

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another super duper ride!!! Riding the horse you absolutely love at night in fresh snow is breath taking.   The kids were getting pulled by the snowmobile and Rebel and I were running along side cheering them on.   Ride on my friends Ride on!!!!!!!!
What a beautiful day!!!!  I just got in from riding horses in the fresh snow and teaching one to pull a sled.  I had to work out a few kinks but in no time Coco was pulling her little girl in the sled, it was a blast.  Madison yelling faster so I kick it up to the next gear and away we went, snow blasting Maddy in the face while she is shrieking with excitement.   What could be better than that?    Than after I gave Coco a good work out I saddled up Mj and went for a ride---a very relaxing one through the woods looking for deer tracks, now Rebel is in the stall waiting, I think I am going to pony him behind the snowmobile before I get on him, he usually is way to exciting with the first snow fall, lol.
    Update on Miss Belle she is still healing but doing well I have lunged her a few times and she seems like she is going to pull out of this sound but only time will tell.     Everybody enjoy riding in the snow and stay safe!!!!