Thursday, April 16, 2009

ok we made it here and it sure was busy

we showed up here in madison around noon and the place was busy with many horses and exibitors getting ready for the big weekend... every one is so nic e and neat to hear everyones journeys worries and wonders.. mj is very curious and is taking it all in ( commotion) we gave her her first bath and did well but didn't stand still by no means.. people have been stopping by the stall and commenting on her beauty... we are in barn number 2 stall number 2020 come and see us.... deb's in hand starts at 8 am and she will be about 25 or 26th in line so maybe around 10 or so she would be up.. hope every one tries to come and see us.. we will blog again friday after the in hand.. got to put these kids to bed ... we all had a long day...

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