Monday, April 18, 2011

What a day it has been, just got in from the barn. When I got home for lunch today mom looks out the window and says " there is a horse out." I look and it is Rebel which is not good cause if he was out so was the whole pasture. My cousin David and I go out there and sure shit they were all out. Broken 4x4 and gate laying on the ground, yuck!!! Quickly threw horses in stalls and in the indoor, so I could quickly get on my way and finish delivering the mail. When Ken got home he so nicely fixed the fence for his wife and out went the horses again- minus Belle, but added Sandy. I have tried so hard to get Belle accepted in the pasture but it just is not working. Rebel is kicking her butt from one side to the other and Sandy over the fence is tormenting her when she goes and gets water. HELP!!!!! Well we kicked Sandy out in the herd with Lori's permission and I will try putting Belle with an older Mare, Rizer. I will see how that works. Well after all that I did get to ride Rebel tonight and he did very well ,our clinic is right around the corner. The new mare Vegas did awesome I was able to take her for a walk tonight and Eric and Kathy brushed her while I held her. She behaved like a princess until she tried to take a bit out on Kathy's hand also learning real fast that doing that is very unacceptable. Sassy Vegsas! LOL.

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