Friday, October 12, 2012

     This morning I wake up and I always check out my bedroom window and count horses, as I peered out the window Belle ears were forward looking at something, something I couldn't see.   I look out the living room window and Yogi is tearing up the ground like something is out of place.  Without question, I start to get dressed because something wasn't right, I look out the back door and sure shit there goes one of our beef cows not where she is suppose to be and ohhhh there goes the other one, mind you we only have two, thank GOD.    Soon the whole house knows there is a problem and out I go cause they were running towards the road looking for play mates-  not good.    Thank goodness they love their corn bucket, I am out there hollering come here bessies! Come here bessies! Come get your corn!  Laughing at my self thinking shit this is never going to work, the end result will be high speed beef, Right.    Well, after a couple shakes they stopped in there tracks spun around and were running towards me. What a sight! I am in their pen running with their corn while they are on the other side trying to catch me and all I am hoping is that I find the opening where the fence is down.  Running, running, hoping.  There it is, fence down only one strand, the bottom.   I am on the inside they are on the outside licking the bucket cause that was the only leverage I had for those two beast, we are face to face I am holding up the top wire pleading to the cows to go under neath.  Almost! Here comes Ken and the dogs there went the cows!
     Round two:  High speed beef???? Late for work.  Kids late for school, great Friday morning.   Lets go get Barney.  The girls helped me saddle barney while Ken got the bobcat with a round bale--bribery??? Nah! That did not work either, but Barney was the hero, he got on them cows like flies on shit.   He was amazing, we herded them cows up like we were doing that all our lives and we put them right where they be long---in their pen with fence on this time!
     When it was all said and done, it is a story of a wonderful horse that we are honored to own, he taught both of our kids to ride and many adults too and when we need to get shit down right we can count on him for anything.  He is truly amazing and we will enjoy every bit of life he has to offer, from going down the trail, to running a barrel pattern or chasing cows  he is the best horse a family could own.    

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