Friday, February 15, 2013

     I am so sick of winter!  I am so sick of winter!   The only thing keeping me going is the kids and the fact I have an indoor, I truly am spoiled.   My back has been bothering me so my riding this week has been limited, which sucks cause the first show is Sunday.    Yeah!!! Pretty pumped up about it! Claudia and I have been working really hard together, so hope all goes well.
    A little off horse subject. Went and visited my cousins who are in their 80's and both recently in the nursing home, it made me miss Dad and think about him alot.    I guess that's OK, right??   Sometimes it is just difficult to see people who were once vibrant shrivel up-- realizing everyday you yourself are getting older.    Things are getting more difficult to do, the kids are passing you up and life is flying by.    Everybody just needs to STOP and breathe, look around and thank GOD for everything you have been blessed with-- hug your kids, kiss your husband, go on vacation, thank your parents for always being there.  Do something that you always are thinking but never do, because life is to busy and the day always runs out of hours.   Last but not least thank GOD  for we all have been blessed!! 

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