Monday, July 22, 2013

Spent the weekend with some friends up north Riding horse of course. The weather was beautiful for riding, I rode Belle this weekend and she did amazing, I so wish I could duplicate her in a grullo color. LOL.  The first day we rode with Myron and Cricket and we drank some experimental Whop that wasn't to bad.  Second day it was just Eric, Annette and myself we worked on getting Twiggy through the water and after the 5th puddle she did amazing, but none of the horses thought it was to cool when a group of riders came up from behind wearing jingle bells, but we survived.  Now we have to get jingle bells.I swear its never ending.

 Well tonight the vet was out to look at Maddy's horse Coco, her legs have been swelling not sure what was wrong---well Dr thinks its Lyme's.   That sucks just when we found a good one for Madison now we have to go through this, my poor little girl.   I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions but it isn't looking good, we will no more the beginning of next week. Treatment $850 for 7 days and not guaranteed to fix her.  I will keep you posted.  Probably going to have to horse shop again:-(

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