Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yippee another crop of hay off the fields and it is a beautiful one. The barn is buzzing, going to a horse show tomorrow. The kids are all excited and Maddy wants to bring Ranger so we will just let him hang out, in no time Maddy will be in the ring showing her ponies or whatever else she can get her hands on. She took a pretty hard fall yesterday. She has taken up jumping well it was going well she jumped a little to high ,way to fast, and she sure the hell did not bounce very well. Yeah she cried . I hugged her. She got back on and learned a huge lesson,that everyday is a different day. Our horses may tolerate a lot one day and not so much the next. I told her the key is to feel your horse, let him tell you what kind of mood he is in before you decide what to do with him. Well I will see how that goes:-)

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  1. Good advice Deb. Are you busy cutting more hay?