Wednesday, March 13, 2013

      Just got home work and taxes....FUN FUN!!!  Now out to the barn to do chores and wait for the Chiro to come for the horses.   Claudia got new shoes on today hopefully with that an an adjustment she will be a way happier little girl.   Not sure if we are going to the show this weekend have not rode all week cause of sickness and gimpy horse must mean I get to stay home and relax.  HA!HA!   I will make the decision Saturday after I ride Miss Claudia.
     Day 2 Prayer for Brother Bill.   Dear God please be with my brother and his family, within a few days they should find how bad the cancer is and where exactly it is and set up a treatment schedule.  Keep them strong and full of faith and let him now we are thinking about them.   In Your Name I Pray  AMEN.

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