Monday, August 20, 2012

     Mondays are my day off at work from running the mail, so I get a little free time which is super, sometimes I get stuff done while other days I might just watch a classic movie.  Well today I am counting our families blessing which has happened in the past and totally freaks me out.  Sometimes I wonder if my time is drawing nearer.
     We were headed up to the in laws just pull in the drive way and I am hearing a horn go off like it is stuck or the alarm or something---kept going on with life---thinking to myself weird.   Ten minutes later we heard someone pulled out on the highway and hit another car and at that point hair stands up on the back of your neck,because it easily could have been us.At that moment you give your kids the biggest hug ever and thank the Lord we were all still together and that I did have to go to the bathroom before we left home.  Things happen for a reason--right.

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  1. Scary! This kind of stuff makes a person think...I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.