Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waiting for my coffee to brew is one of my best things to do in the morning---the smell is amazing, but drinking it is my favorite.   I recently tried the french vanilla folgers yummy yummy top it off with a little almond milk and good to go.

     This week has been a little busy its fair time, plus madison is sick on top of it.  They say its just allergies which is good at least its not west niles or the crouping cough.  I guess we can handle the allergies, she just is not thinking that spray up her nose is a good thing. LOL.  As for Jada had to run and get picture thats after we had a photo shoot with a hyped up horse and a soon to be teenager.....Fun Fun!   My sister and I survived and the pictures are awesome.  Now it is to the fair everyday after work today with cupcakes, tomorrow with Belle, the next day with Belle and ect...... Jada qualified for the sale of champions and the horses do not stay at the fair so we have to run them back and forth and Belle has never seen a ferris wheel, pigs, or chickens----this should be at least exciting.  HA HA.  God please be with us the next few days so I don't have to turn to mount royal light for comfort.LOL

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