Monday, September 24, 2012

My brain is still spinning, my emotions are still high, trying to keep everything in control without totally losing my mind.  I wanted to end the weekend with a ride, so I saddled up Belle and went off for an adventure and everything was going great. Left the farm without a problem, passed the cows, passed a group of riders, crossed the creek and enjoyed every bit of the fall smells and smiled. Well that was short lived I decided to crest a hill and as I was descending I  heard a TWANG. Heart dropped and I new we were in trouble, it was deadly barbed wire!  I jumped off of Belle three legs escaped the nasty tangle, but the left hind wasn't so lucky.   In 30 seconds a lot of damage can be done, so close to hitting an artery where she would of bled out before we made it home.   Thanks God she quit fighting so I could untangle her leg and started toward home which was a mile away.   She was a trooper, we had to cross the creek up hills down hills finally made it.  Not wasting anytime off to the vet we went not expecting the news.   All I heard was hock joint- infection- a week in the hospital and $2000.   Holy shit shoot me now.   Look at what I did to my kids horse, how can I not fix her.   So I signed the release and come home without a horse and a worried family wondering what the next few days will bring.   

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