Sunday, September 2, 2012

     This weekend I watched a really good movie if you like tear jerkers, I need to watch one of them every now and again.   The name of it was " A Little Bit of Heaven" with Kate Hudson, I just love her, well she didn't disappoint me, another excellent movie.  She was a young lady that found out she had colon cancer at the age of 25, what a life changing moment.  Movie or not you start to think about all the people you have known or know that have lost their lives to cancer or are fighting for every  minute of their life.   My hat goes off to all of them and the people around them that have supported them, because in reality when they pass on we are still here grieving.   You might see something that reminds you of them or hear a song that triggers a memory, I would like to hope that most of the tears we shed are happy ones, I know mine are with a little sadness because you miss them so much.  That movie triggers this and makes one ask themselves about their life.  What am I doing right now?   What do you want to do?   Are you happy?  Did you experience love? Do you want a family?   Out of all the questions I always think Are you happy is the important one, because if you are not happy you are not going to experience the treasures of life.   I personally have always set goals and made them---some people say its my pig headedness--- I want to say its my passion for life.   Without passion what the hell is life!  I couldn't imagine riding horse just cause, or going to work hating it, kissing my husband because he is the man I married.....No I do all them things because I love them and its my choice.  If I didn't want to ride no more I would get a motorcycle, if I didn't like my job I would relocate and surely if I didn't enjoy kissing my husband I would divorce him.    Sounds drastic to some people but not me, its life and if you are going to live it you should be happy.   Chances are if you are happy so will the people around you be--its contagious.  

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