Monday, September 10, 2012

What a beautiful weekend?  Went riding with 16 other women at Spur of the Moment Ranch and had a wonderful time---great riding, good food, and better drinks and most of all a lot of laughs.   If the saying laughing makes you live longer is true, we all added a few years.   The most exciting part of the weekend is we added a new addition to the family, her name is cocoa, a black and white 8 year old paint mare for our youngest daughter Madison.  We have been searching a long time to replace good old Barney and we finally found her.   They fly like the wind together, its magical watching rider and horse connect like they do.  As a mom my heart stops a little bit and at the same time you get teared up because they are so perfect together, now both of our girls have their girls to take care of them and grow together.
     Just got off the phone with Micah's trainer things are going a little better with the help of Billy and Cuckoo.  Micah is doing all three gaits, but is born a runner, he don't want to be a western pleasure horse. He is thinking barrels would be more fun, what ever it is it is at least we can make him in to something where he will be happy.  Wednesday I will go observe his training and make the call to keep him in or out.  Happy trails to all who have been enjoying this beautiful weather!!!!!!

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