Monday, December 10, 2012

What a beautiful day!!!!  I just got in from riding horses in the fresh snow and teaching one to pull a sled.  I had to work out a few kinks but in no time Coco was pulling her little girl in the sled, it was a blast.  Madison yelling faster so I kick it up to the next gear and away we went, snow blasting Maddy in the face while she is shrieking with excitement.   What could be better than that?    Than after I gave Coco a good work out I saddled up Mj and went for a ride---a very relaxing one through the woods looking for deer tracks, now Rebel is in the stall waiting, I think I am going to pony him behind the snowmobile before I get on him, he usually is way to exciting with the first snow fall, lol.
    Update on Miss Belle she is still healing but doing well I have lunged her a few times and she seems like she is going to pull out of this sound but only time will tell.     Everybody enjoy riding in the snow and stay safe!!!!

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