Monday, December 17, 2012

     I just had an awesome weekend with old and new friends in Sturgeon Bay and now I can't believe that I am picking shit in the mud in the middle of December and being able to ride horse in he outdoor arena----AWESOME!!!!!   I got to ride Rebel to night while Jada videoed us and my great husband put it online for me, sense I am computer DUMB. lol.   Than I got to ride Claudia the paint mare I will be showing this summer and she did fabulous, Jada might be showing her also pending on how Belle turns around:-(  Hopefully I will be able to start working her soon.  I am still waiting on whether I will be accepted on training a horse for the trainers challenge for Pipers Rescue Ranch, kinda excited about it but only time will tell.  Also waiting on the next snow storm to go sledding and ride in the snow--- an absolute high!!!   Above is Coco, Madison's horse, pulling uncle Chops on the tube, can't wait for next time!!!

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