Saturday, December 22, 2012

What a wonderful way to start a weekend-- with a night ride!!!  Eric came over so Madison, Eric and I went on a ride, the stars were amazing and the fresh snow made everything so bright.  All the horses did great and it was really nice to see Eric it has been a while, I really miss having him around:-( Well this is the time of year to thank GOD for everything that we have and I try to do that faithfully everyday, because I am truely blessed.    Than this morning the girls and I were cleaning stalls all pretty and Belle wanted to go for a ride, well hell yeah  I'm game!!!!   So I saddled her up first time since her accident and off we went, it was amazing.   I didn't even lunge her and we went out back for a ride in the snow and had a blast, she is quite a horse and I love her so much.  Now headed to the in laws for christmas.   MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!

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